Hiking,cameltreking and camel-ridding
in the Dra Valley (oasis) and in the desert
South morocco
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Zagora desert
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Thank you for your interest in our offer and activity. For any question you may have, any complementary information, your wish... etc , please feel free to write us. We will be glad to supply you with any infomation concerning our activity.
We are based in Amezrou-zagora at 2500 meter from zagora center on the way to Tamegrout and M'Hamid

Adress : P.O.Box 12
45900 Zgora
Home phone : +212 (0)524 84 61 15
Mobile phone: +212 (0)667 23 35 83
E-mail :
website :

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Please provide the following contact information. And mention which kind of trip you wish (treks or rides..),the date and the number of the people.

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If you don't get repply to your e-mail in 24 hours please don't be disappointed, that is because i am in the desert, I'll write you back as soon as I'm back from the trekking trip. it could take sometimes 7-10 days.